Ferguson On Singleness

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Everyone at some point in their life has struggled with the issue of singleness or is still struggling. Some dread it with a passion and others embrace it. Ferguson’s article, Church: Set up Your Singles, takes an interesting perspective on the issue of singleness, and is also rather relevant for today’s singles. The issue is; should the church be a place where singles could meet? The answer, according to Ferguson, is yes. Her argument is, “Surely if there is anything we can understand as a body, it is the angst of a bride whose groom has not yet come to take her away.” Meaning, the Church is the bride in waiting for her groom, who is Christ.
The author uses certain techniques to answer the questions, so what? And who cares? According to Authors’
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Her main audience in this article is the match makers. Ferguson says, “Help your unmarried brothers and sisters taste a glimpse of the eternal marriage by helping them get married.” She goes on to give more examples on how to help singles from a Christian perspective i.e. the church. As to the question “so what,” Ferguson’s key argument is, why not the Church? Why is the Church a perfect place to meet other singles? She says, “My church family, the people with whom I live in covenant relationship, know the sound of my laughter and my joys, they know my personality and proclivities, they see me serve and sulk, they know my sins and fears.” This is to say that, the Church is like a family that knows everything about a person and what better reference for a relationship than the entire church
In scripture the Church is seen in many lights. The Church is seen as a hospital for the sick; a refugee for the harmed. Although scripture doesn’t necessarily say that the Church has to be involved in relationships, it does have something to say about marriage. Scripture calls the church to bear each other’s burdens and singleness falls into that category. It says marriage is good thing; however it can be an anxious thing. As far as the Church is concerned, I believe that it is acceptable to build marriages because the Church is itself a bride waiting on her groom, who is
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