Ferguson Uproar Incident Case Study

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On August 9, 2014 18-year-old Michael Brown was fatally shot by police officer Darren Wilson. Crowds soon formed as the word of what happened travel across the world. This is like the shot her around the world in the American Civil War. With racial tension in America already at a high point, this event was a breaking point. Thinking back to the Civil Rights movement that went on for fifteen years this tragic event can be compared to that. Mike Brown is the modern day Emmitt till, the six little girls burned in the church, and Trayvon Martin combined into one. The events that happened soon after arguably changed the lives of Ferguson citizens forever. Ferguson citizens was justified in their response due to the death of Mike Brown, police brutality, and the results of the indictment. The main cause of the riots that took place in Ferguson is the fact that Mike Brown was brutally gunned down by a white police office while he was unarmed and hands up. This angered people and was seen as a modern day lynching. His people wanted to be heard, they wanted what happened to be recognized. In order to be known that the situation will not be left …show more content…

America may have forgotten about the Ferguson Uproar, but the citizens have not. Many of these people are fighting back in every single way imaginable. Some have given up, and moved out, hoping to find refuge. But in all this event has caused a long-term state of confusion for everyone in Saint Louis, Missouri. Everyone wants to know what to do next, what is going to happen next, and how do we heal. There are constant reminders of what happened that long week. Burnt buildings still half-way standing, businesses still boarded-up and the eerie feeling that is still cast around this small county. Now Ferguson isn’t regarded as a part of Saint Louis. It is as if it’s in it’s own world, fighting to

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