Ferrets Research Paper

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The exact time ferrets were first used as pets is hard to predict, many say that the Egyptians were the first, this is how ever been difficult to prove. The only sure thing, is the fact that ferrets today are one of the most popular pets to have in your household.

Before ferrets were used as pets, they were used for rabbit hunting in Australia and New Zealand, and rat hunting in the US. In Europe however, ferrets were being kept and breed for their fur coat. It was first in the second half of the 20th century, it was accepted to have ferrets as pets. This trend has exploded ever since, and today the ferret is a pretty normal pet to have running around your living room. Based on the ferrets passion for hiding away things they care for, the animal got the nickname "little thief." So can owning a ferret be fun? absolutely!

There is nothing like starting your day going into your ferret 's favorite hiding places, looking for your keys or wallet. No to be honest you 'll love having the little joker running around, exploring the house. And when your little pet is finished exploring, it 'll have a long nap. There is no doubt that if you live alone, or have a long work hours this is the pet for you. Since the ferret only stay
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So what are the joys and major hassles of having ferrets as pets? Well like stated above, ferrets is not to high maintenance. Working late is not a big problem, and when you come home a little tired, your pet ferret will love to have some fun with you. But here is also the good part, just as soon you lose interest, your ferret will lose interest and you can sit back and watch the little guy play around. There is however situations that call for your action, like the fact that ferrets can get sick easily if not treated right in their daily life. There are a few vaccines that need to be taken annually, and there are a few aspects of normal life that can be harmful. I.e. Extreme heat, wrong kind of diet, and some house hold appliances to name a
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