Ferrini Research Paper

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The Best Ferrini is the best boot brand. Ferrini is the best boot brand because their cowboy boots last a long time compared to other brands. Furthermore, They are very high quality. Finally, their boots are very fashionable and practical. Some might say that other boot brands last longer than ferrini but they might just be hard on shoes. However, not taking proper care of your boots is very common and it leads to your boots wearing out extremely fast. The types of leather ferrini uses to make their boots is an extremely wide range from deeply tanned cow leather to lightly tanned ostrich leather. They use old fashioned techniques like having leather soles instead of plastic and nailing the leather onto the boot instead of glueing it. Not only…show more content…
Meaning that they have some very high quality products. Not only does ferrini have tons of differnet leather, they also get to oversee how the leather is tanned and treated. All of their boots and shoes are crafted by hand with a sense of pride because they are keeping the family tradition alive. The family that is currently in charge of the company is the fourth generation. Gold lace and pink stitching are only two of the very cute accents ferrini has to offer. They have tons of different designs from a stitching called ivy to python leather. There is a very wide range of designs, patterns, colors, and types of leather that you can choose from. My personal favorite is definitely the Ladies Full Quill Ostrich Boot. If you are looking for a boot to ride in or rope in this is the place. The leather soles provide protection to the base of your foot and the tall tops provide protection to your shins. As you can see ferrini is the best. From the wide range of high quality leathers to the super cute and practical designs they are fit for any occasion. I always wear mine to dances, ropings, and even if I am dressing up for an occasion. Anyone would take a pair of comfy and stylish ferrinis over uncomfortable heels. Don’t forget that ferrini sells belts, wallets, purses, and mens dress shoes too. They might be pricey but they will last you a
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