Ferrino Mizzoni Case Study

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This SMART (Search More Aggressively Retail Territories) was adopted in order to find out the potential retailers who could sell the brand Ferrino Mizzoni at their retail outlets. Ferrino Mizzoni is an Italian brand recently acquired by Donear in order to penetrate the market of imported fabrics or the premium segment. Part of the project also involved promoting the Ferrino Mizzoni brand at the retail shops visited during the survey by explaining them what the product is all about as well as the pricing of the product. The scope of the project was to cover three districts of Odisha namely Ganjam, Puri and Khordha. A total of 226 retail outlets were covered during the survey. This project was to understand if the retail potential could be tapped using the Direct To Retailer policy which would be newly adopted by Donear.

The potential retailers were identified after conducting the survey who would be approached by company executives later on in order to stock and sell the brand Ferrino
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The survey report showed that imported fabrics with an affordable price tag attached to it could grow in the market. The potential retailers were identified by putting in certain filters in the survey report such as if the retail counter is stocking Raymond and Siyaram then there is a high chance that the retailer would be enthusiastic to stock imported fabrics in that price range. The price range of the stock per meter must be more than Rs.500 in the retail shops so that Ferrino Mizzoni could be stocked in the same category and it could venture into the premium segment of the textile market. The survey report also showed that there are local brands in the market which are faring well as compared to certain established brands because of the price sensitivity in the market. These local brands are supplied time to time promptly by the wholesalers because of which they are abundantly available in the

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