Ferris Buellers Day Off Essay

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“Life moves pretty fast.if you don 't stop and look around a little,you could miss it,” - Ferris Bueller. [Think carefully about what this quote does at the start of your paper. Is it the most effective hook? How does it relate to your argument?] The film Ferris Bueller 's Day Off [review rules for italicizing movie titles] follows senior Ferris Bueller as he skips school with his girlfriend Simon and his best friend Cameron. Ferris sees school as a waste of time and would rather spend his time in the real world experiencing life in his own fun way, just like kids nowadays. United State [missing a letter?] schools strive to have their students all graduate rather than genuinely learn material. The schools focus more on a letter grade then…show more content…
The result of Ferris going against the school system and experiencing real life outside of school makes him an anti-hero. [You jump very quickly to this main idea from your description of the school system as it looks today. Steps missing: is school the bad guy or the good guy? Does Ferris’s school look similar to what you’re describing?] The movie begins with a fake sick Ferris and his concerned parents in his bedroom. Once Ferris is able to convince his mother and father he is sick, they don’t allow him to go to school. But once they leave, he jumps out of bed and speaks to the audiences and one of the first things out of his mouth is, “‘...that’s childish and stupid but so is high school,’” [all you need is one set of quotes here] [start a new sentence here]his distaste for high school is reflected right off the bat. Bueller’s attitude towards education is very similar to students in this generation and that is because education in the 21st century is a mess. Schools are focused on standardized testing, and regular testing which make up a large portion of the students grades. Educators do not take into consideration students that suffer from mental illness and
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