Ferrum College Student's Perception Of The Helpdesk

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Chapter 3: Methodology Methodological Approach
This study was conducted through a quantitative approach in order to study the student population of Ferrum College and their perceptions of the effectiveness of the college’s help desk through student’s satisfaction with the services provided by the help desk. A quantitative approach enabled the researcher to make statically significant statements about the entire population through a single small sample of the population. This is possible because this quantitative study used precise measurements to analyze the data collected.
Research Questions
This quantitative study investigated students’ perceptions of the help desk through the following questions.
Research Question 1:
How do Ferrum College students perceive the effectiveness of the help desk?
What are the students perceived strengths and weaknesses of the helpdesk?
Research Question 2:
How frequently do Ferrum College students use the helpdesk; and what is the most prevalent problem that comes into the helpdesk?
Research Question 3:
How do students perceive their success has been impacted by the service provided by the helpdesk? How do students perceive the helpdesk services have impacted their success?
Research Question 4:
How do student’s perception of the helpdesk differ between
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Once gathered, the researcher separated the data into the following categories: gender, academic schools, degree of computer knowledge, and the type of problem the user experienced. These categories enabled the researcher to analyze the data further by allowing a better understanding of the population. The researcher then graphed the data by the above categories, to give a visual representation of the collected data to be analyzed. The data collected from the survey was assessed according to the frequency and percentage of students whom

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