Ferry Dilemma Paper

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Part One The ferry dilemma unfolds as Gotham City is under siege by the Joker. The Joker has issued a warning for the citizens of Gotham to flee the city if they wish to escape the chaos. This is where the ferry come in. There are two ferries shuttling people out of Gotham. One Ferry is filled with innocent Gotham citizens trying to escape. The other ferry is filled with Gotham's prisoners being transported out of fear that they may escape amongst the chaos. As both ferries reach the half way point both of their engines cut out. A few moments later the Jokers voice comes across the PA system. He informs both the citizens and prisoners that both boats are rigged with explosives. The Joker also tells the ferries that they each have the detonator…show more content…
This is a horrible situation, and I hope that I face something like this. However I would like to believe that I would not detonate the opposing ferry. I believe killing is morally wrong, and is something that should never be done. Even if my life is on the line. I could never make the choice to take a life. It is not my choice to choose who lives and who dies. The right for a person to live or die is not a choice for anyone to have. I am using deontological moral reasoning. Killing is a moral wrong. Everyone has the right to live, and that right cannot be…show more content…
The Joker lives for chaos. There is a perfect example of this in the movie. The scene where he is talking to Harvey Dent in the hospital. He describes his actions as that of a dog chasing a car. Also the ferry dilemma is a perfect example of the Jokers chaos. The Joker is equally brutal. The joker has no problem killing. Actually he seems to enjoy it. The more brutal the better. In one story line the Joker murders Gordon's wife in cold blood. He shoots here in the face for the sole fact that she was trying to protect a group of infants. The Joker also brutally beat Robin to death with a
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