Fertilization Essay

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Fertilization is an event that occurs when the female and male gametocytes Confluence. Fertilization starts when sperms enter the female reproduction system and meet the ovulated secondary oocyte. However, before the fertilization process, the gametocytes must go through the stage of maturity. So, how do sperms and oocytes mature?

At first, let's talk about the maturation of sperms which is called "spermatogenesis". Spermatogenesis begins during puberty and continues throughout life. It starts by stem cells called "spermatogonia" that go through rapid mitotic division which is a special type of division that occurs only in gonads. After division, the cell will be pushed toward the tubule lumen where it will become "primary spermatocyte". This primary spermatocyte will undergo meiosis (one) resulting in 2 spermatocytes (secondary spermatocytes) and they will go through meiosis (tow). Meiosis ( tow) will result in four sperms (gametes) that carry 23 chromosomes and they will be stored in the
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A normal implantation occurs in the endometrial lining of the uterine cavity. Implantation anywhere else is an ectopic pregnancy. There are mechanical and functional factors that lead to an ectopic pregnancy. The mechanical factors such as tubal corrective surgery, tubal sterilization, previous ectopic pregnancy and documented tubal pathology those factors are been classified as high risk factors. The moderate risks, are infertility, previous genital infection, and multiple partners. The slight risks, previous pelvic/abdominal surgery, smoking, douching, intercourset be considered unless an ultrasound examination shows an ectopic pregnancy or an adnexal mass that looks like an ectopic pregnancy. If there is no proven sonographic image for an ectopic pregnancy there is a very low chance for a tubal pregnancy to be visualized or palpated during pregnancy. Therefore, the best choice in this case for the patient is a medical
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