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The three main categories of fertilizers are nitrogen based, Phosphate based and Potassium based. The main Nitrogen type fertilizers include Calcium Ammonium Nitrate (CAN) and urea. Likewise the major ones in Phosphate based are Di-ammonium Phosphate (DAP), Triple Sugar Phosphate (TSP) and Single Sugar Phosphate (SSP). In potassium category there is mainly one type, which is Sulphate of Potash (SOP). The most commonly used fertilizer in Pakistan is urea followed by DAP. These three categories of fertilizers contain the core nutrients necessary for plant growth as deficiency of any one of these will result in unhealthy crops.
Almost 100% of soils in Pakistan are deficient in nitrogen; 80%-90% in phosphorus and 30% in potassium, thus requiring a large amount of fertilizers to increase the potency of the soil. The statistics above also explain the high demand of urea and DAP compared to the other categories. Moreover, by adding fertilizers crop yields increased from 30% to 50% in different agricultural areas of Pakistan.
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Rabi crops are planted during October to December and harvested during spring. The major crops of Rabi consist of wheat. Kharif crops on the other hand are cultivated and during the monsoon season in Pakistan. The main Kharif crops include maize, rice and cotton .The Rabi season as depicted from the chart in appendix--- always had a higher fertilizer consumption than the Kharif crops throughout the period of 2012-15 which shows a season wise demand of the fertilizers. For instance, for the year Kharif crop’s fertilizer consumption of 2851,000 tons is quite less than 3099,000 tons of Rabi’s. A reason behind this might be many of the major crops are grown during Rabi season apart from cotton which doesn’t require a lot of fertilizers. Furthermore, as the rainfall is less during the Rabi season the weather is more suitable for its

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