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In agricultural farm fertilizer is used as supplementary nutrient for healthy growth of crops. The fertilizers mostly used in farm are Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K).
Following are the different types of conventional method to provide fertilizers to crops,
1.1 Fertilizers providing method
1.1.1 Approximate quantity of fertilizers:
Conventional method of providing fertilizers to agricultural farms are farmer take approximate quantity of fertilizer, then give to crops, as shown in Fig.1. Fig .1.1 Farmer provide fertilizer to crop [8]

1.1.2 Simply throw the fertilizer
Another method of providing fertilizer to crop is farmer simply throwing the fertilizer. Fig. 1.2: Fertilizer providing method.[8]

1.2 Problem
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Literature survey was conducted for the development of fertilizer tablet making machine, mainly in the area of fertilizers uses, fertilizers types ,fertilizers losses, crops type and fertilizer require for it, rolling compaction process and machine design. Dr. M. S. Lupin Mr. J. R. Lazo Mr. N. D. Le Mr. A. F. Little [2] In this paper alternative process of urea super granules is explained that is briquetting .The physical and chemical characteristics of urea make the material well suited for production of urea supergranules by briquetting. Briquetting of urea fertilizer up to 0.8 to 2.0 grams produced by International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC).

Rajiv Shah [3] describes the deep placement of urea briquettes .This method is simple and effective. Instead of applying urea, a nitrogen fertilizer, to the soil, where as much as 70 percent is lost to runoff or the atmosphere .It is compacted in to briquettes and buried near plant roots, where it releases nitrogen slowly

Krushiswadini, 2012 [1] in this book different types crops, their fertilizer require quantity and there area is given for Vidarbha region. From data of fertilizer quantity, duration and number of crop in each hectare, calculate fertilizer require for single crop, as shown in following table. From this quantity fertilizer tablet size find
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The elements present in soil are varying from farm to farm so due to this fertilizer providing according to elements present in the soil. The following table shows fertilizer providing quantity according to elements present in the soil.

Table no. 2: (4.2) Fertilizers providing dose on the basis of available quantity of nutrients in soil. [10]

Sr. no. Available N
(Kg/Hectare) Available P
Available K
(Kg/Hectare) Class Providing quantity
1 Less than 140 Less than 15 Less than 120 Very low More than 50%
2 141 to 280 16 to 30 121 to 181 Low More than 25%
3 281 to 420 31 to 50 181 to 240 Medium Suggested quantity
4 412 to 560 51 to 65 241 to 300 Good Less than 10%
5 561 to 700 66 to 80 301 to 360 Better Less than 25 %
6 More than 700 More than 80 More than 360 Best Less than

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