Fesco Chrome Case Study

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Most baby high chairs do not exactly fit in well with modern kitchens and home designs. In fact, to be honest, most high chair designs are just plain unattractive and would look out of place no matter what the setting. However, the Bloom Fresco Chrome is the exception to the rule and offers an attractive and modern designed high chair with a full set of features. There is no doubt it is one of a kind in the marketplace and a unique option for parents. The Fresco Chrome is by no means inexpensive, carrying a price tag of approximately $400-$500 USD depending on where you look. In fact, it is one of the more expensive high chairs available, but if you can swallow the big numbers on the price tag, it does have a lot to offer that you will not…show more content…
You do not realize until you use it the first few times just how convenient it really makes interacting with your child while they are in the chair. Cons  Perhaps the biggest mark against the Fresco Chrome is the price. Coming in at approximately $500 USD, it is an expensive item and not affordable for everyone.  The chair might be just a touch heavy for some parents, as it weighs in at just over thirty-one pounds. It certainly is not overly heavy, but it is no featherweight either. Final Verdict Our overall opinion of the Fresco Chrome is largely very positive. There just are not many, or any, other options available for a modern looking high chair that also provides the flexibility and adjustable settings at the level of the Fresco Chrome. It offers a nice list of features and legitimately provides a setting that keeps small children seated in one place for many hours. That is worth the price tag alone for many parents. If you can afford a high chair in the $400-$500 price range, we think the Fresco Chrome offers an option unlike any other. However, if you are more concerned with trying to keep the price reasonable and willing to give up a large degree of the customization options, then the Chrome model is probably not the right chair for

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