Festival Of Unleavened Bread Meaning

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Food is what human and animal eat or drink. Eating food is a necessary act for survival. A meal is the food eaten on regular occasions, it could be breakfast, lunch, or dinner. During any meal, food also has a very social meaning for us, we use food as a way to connect with other people and it is a way of remembrance. A meal is more than just eating food it is about the meaning behind each meal and who we are eating with. Commensality refers to a meal that is bring people together by sharing food and drink at the same table. Anyone that eat with you is part of your community. A ritual meal during passover transform from commemoration to reenactment. Sara Miles, a Christian conversion through the Eucharist. Babette prepares “real French dinner” that bring the community together.
In the Book of Exodus 12, The Passover and the Festival of Unleavened Bread. Passover is the day
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She went to Danish and begs to stay with the two daughters of a local minister who run their own church. Babette agrees to work as their servant. Sometime after their the minister dies, the sisters decide to hold a dinner to commemorate the 100th anniversary of his birth. One day, Babette wins the lottery of 10,000 francs, she wants to repay the sisters for their kindness and offers to cook a French meal for them and the people in community. Babette then prepares the feast of a lifetime for the members of the tiny church and an important gentleman related to one of them. Babette is a good cook because she is owner of the famous "Café Anglais" in Paris. The story focus on the Babette’s seven-course meal, including turtle soup, salad, buckwheat cakes, quail and truffle sauce, and so on. Through Babette’s Feast the people in the community have tasted the amazing/expensive food that they never had. At the end of the movie, people eat, sing, and share feeling with each other. So food can transform people by bring them closer to one
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