Festival Season Essay

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Buying property in Festival SeasonThe festive season is here and people are busy making their purchases. Purchase of property is something which is extremely popular during the festival season own to a variety of reasons. But is it really beneficial to buy property during festival season or is it just a fad? As a buyer, can you go ahead and purchase any property because there are discounts? What are the factors to consider while purchasing property on such occasions? Let us explore:

Advantage of buying property in Festival Season

Purchasing property in festival seasons brings with it several benefits for the buyer. Here are a few such advantages:

Discount on property price: Usually buyers offer a discount on the property prices during the
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This means it should have good access to public transport, schools, shopping and should be safe. It is better to invest in a growing location with a potential for improvement in infrastructure, shopping malls etc.

Consider financial implications: Do not buy a property simply because there is a discount on the price. You must understand how your financial situation would be post the purchase. Understand tax implications and tax benefits you can get because of this purchase.

Check type of property and builder background: Understand if you want to buy an under construction property or a ready to occupy one. You should also evaluate the builder background and his credentials.

Check legal issues: Understanding legal issues is another important factor to consider. Delays in hand over or non availability of No-Objection Certificate or other legal permissions can put your ownership of the property in jeopardy.

Any decision to purchase a high value investment like property needs to be done only after considering all critical factors. It is recommended to start your research much before the festive season commences in order to take advantage of the
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