Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Reflection

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Reflection Paper #2 The key term I chose to focus on for this paper is fetal alcohol syndrome which falls under the category of childhood/adolescent disorders. I chose this key term and topic because my cousin struggled with fetal alcohol syndrome and also my future brothers-in-law struggle with the effects of fetal alcohol syndrome to this day. My cousin was born with several severe medical issues as his mother was a drug addict and alcoholic. My parents adopted him for the first 5 years of his life so he is like a younger brother to me. I am only two years olders but even at a young age I could notice the medical issues that he had to face and how much they affected him. Of course I did not know the full extent when I was younger and even…show more content…
It also affects the behavior of those around those who are diagnosed with fetal alcohol syndrome because you need to provide a secure environment that is productive to their health. The best outcomes of fetal alcohol syndrome are when multiple interventions are taken such as nutrition,exercise, therapy, and more. I think I will always continue to have questions about this topic because it is a big part of my fiance's family and really my family. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is not reversible so it will always be something that is in my family and something I will need to stay educated on and also hopefully educate others. Overall, this reflection paper has meant a lot to me because it is a concept I find deeply connected too. I completely love and adore my fiance's family and also my family so being able to understand more about something that is so close to home is really great. I had no idea how in depth researchers have gone into the effects of alcohol and also how much fetal alcohol syndrome can affect humans. Obviously, I have seen people struggle with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome but this paper really brought home the depth and severity of how much this disorder affects
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