Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Research Paper

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Fetal alcohol syndrome is a condition where an unborn child is exposed to alcohol during pregnancy. The effect of exposure of alcohol during pregnancy causes brain damage and growth problems. Fetal alcohol syndrome has physical symptoms which include the following wide set eyes, thin upper lip, flattened face with a short nose, deformities of joints, limbs and fingers, slow physical growth, vision problems, hearing problems, small head circumference, heart defects, and issues with kidneys and bones Fetal alcohol exposure has a dramatic effect on the central nervous system. The alcohol exposure effects the child’s Intelligence, attention span, learning, memory, and motor abilities. Children with Fetal alcohol syndrome have social concerns. These children usually have difficulty in school, poor social skills, trouble adapting to change, behavior issues, and poor impulse control.…show more content…
Fetal alcohol syndrome can be managed and early indication is key. The earlier the child is diagnosis early childhood intervention programs and support systems can be referred to the family. Early childhood interventions can assist with preventing developmental delays.

IDEA definition of intellectual disability applies to a child with fetal alcohol syndrome due to child with fetal alcohol syndrome has deficits in intellectual functioning and adaptive behavior that occurs during the developmental period. The child is exposed to alcohol which has an effect on the child’s

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