Fetal Pig Observation

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I should have listened to my parents when they scolded me to “Finish your plate, I can still see three pieces of broccoli.” What can I say? I was a stubborn child who, to this day will not touch anything with a hint of potato.
I never realized how vital vegetables were to a diet until that’s all I could, or would, eat. My epiphany began in my sophomore biology class, as my favorite teacher excitedly stood in front of the classroom labs to declare “We are starting dissections!” In all honesty, her enthusiasm joyfully spread to all the students, with the reeking stench of formaldehyde lurking ever closer. Biology is one of my favorite subjects, so needless to say I hopped on the bandwagon and was one of the first people to slap on rubber gloves.
The first three dissections ran smoothly with a squid, crayfish, and (of course) the classic frog. The fetal pig was a different story. Although I had no problem inspecting the internal structures of organs, systems, and functions before—I couldn’t do it now. I thought I was going to dash to the nearest trash can when she brought our pig to us, and worst of all not only did we have to
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Even though I eat meat again today, I consume a significantly less amount, as well as eat a more holistic diet. Vegetarianism taught me how to live a more balanced life and appreciate the small treasures, even a baby pig. Given the chance, I would absolutely choose to eat meatless products again for six months. While I do enjoy a variety of food like chicken parmesan, beef stroganoff, and eggs and bacon, I will always say “pass the peas” at a family dinner. While challenging the belief to have a herbivore diet, I learned to trust myself knowing I have the will power to succeed in any goal I choose. Now I have the self-confidence to try new things because I’ve earned the knowledge exposure to

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