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Qian zhao Alan Levinovitz Hum252 3/1/2016 The Interpretation of Kong Yiji In the Luxun’s short story of kongyiji, he described a person who lived in the Qing dynasty, which was a particular time. Kongyiji was scholar at that time, but he did not get a good score, so he didn’t have a work, money, and status. He usually went to the pub to drink, and he often was derision, because his work was to copy down the books for people who did not recognize words, however he usually stole books, so he had a bod reputation. At last, kongyiji was dead also because of that. Actually, as for as the meaning of this story, I think luxun was in order to show the influence of the imperial examination system, I agree with his opinion that he wanted a satire on the feudalism, and to awake people who pursued the imperial examination system. Speaking of Luxun’s work, we have to connect it with the time. According to the story, it was mentioned that“ this is one of Lu Xun's more popular works of fiction…show more content…
The caste differentiation was very obvious. According to the website of The Qing Dynasty, it mentioned that “the social structure at Qing Dynasty was the emperor were the top, then were Generals, nobles, and workers, and Artists and Peasants and the last were Slaves and Servitude.” people were divided by their social status, and people were very indifferent at that time. In the story, it mentioned that the boss was grim-faced man, and the customers were not pleasant either. Because of the caste differentiation of the feudalism, the social atmosphere was very gloomy. People only cared about their own profits. Kongyiji only was a person who didn’t find his social position,but people laughed at him, even a children despised him. The caste differentiation was the foundation of the feudalism, because of that, people didn’t have passion, sympathy, people was cold, indifferent, and
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