Feudalism In The Middle Ages Essay

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The Middle Ages were a very complicated and crucial element of our world. Feudalism was a huge contributor to conduct the organization of the government and military. The manor is very significant to the feudal system because it gives location and there was work completed by each role on the manor. The role of the serf farmer was a critical part of the manor, because it was the base and platform for the rest of the classes. Feudalism and manorialism were key aspects of the operating society of the medieval times, and there were a variety of roles to support it.

The Middle Ages was a very significant period because of great change in England due to the implementation of feudalism. Feudalism is a very crucial system in the progress of the Middle Ages. Feudalism was a fair system of political and military relationships (Smith 1). When feudalism developed into a system of government, it started to get replaced by powerful (Biel 8). Feudalism is a very relevant part of helping this community develop and form. It was developed into a system of
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During the Middle Ages, the Great Chain of Being was a very significant part of the society.The Great Chain of Being was the idea that everything in the universe had a specific place or role in the world, in a hierarchical order (Melani). The less of of these 2 components an object had the lower it was ranked in the Great Chain (Melani). Church and religion was a very decisive and significant part of daily life. The Church was strongly supported by most rulers and nobles, and it played a major role in education and the arts (Hinds 14).Foremost in the Middle Ages, the most recognized religion was Christianity, in the form of Catholicism. It did not matter if you were a King or a serf, your life was dominated by religion. Church, religion and the Great Chain of Being were all key aspects of the daily lives of all people in the Middle
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