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Can any other planet besides Earth be habitable? The Earth has to have many essential elements for it to be able to attain human life. Some of these key elements include our placement in the solar system, our tilt, oxygen, food, the magnetic field, etc. Because of these perfect conditions, Earth is livable. Our planet, Feuer Leava, is habitable because of its place in the solar system, its atmosphere, and its formation. First, Feuer Leava is the second closest planet to the star, Vega. Vega is the only star in this solar system. It is 2.26 times larger than the sun, 7 times brighter, and approximately 2 times hotter. Feuer Leava does not rotate, so one side is constantly facing the star. This side is covered in oceans of lava, fire, and molten rock, while the other side is enclosed in dry, scorching deserts. The average surface temperature of Feuer Leava is 1,314 degrees Fahrenheit. The side facing the sun can reach 2,120 degrees Fahrenheit, however…show more content…
In a way similar to Earth, the lava planet was formed by gravity forcing broken comets together. Vega’s gravity pulled the planet 75 million miles away from it. A supernova happened right next to the planet, and gold landed in Feuer Leava. Over time, a strange thing occurred. The gold sank into the middle. A mantle was created from gold, protecting a core of diamonds, and forcing a small metallic field. The surface grew hotter, while the core grew cooler. Two tectonic plates formed on the planet, just enough to create the volcanoes needed for food and drink. The comets that formed Feuer Leava contained significantly large amounts of amino acids, the buildings blocks of life. The amino acids were essential in the creation of life on our planet. The first life was thermophiles, a one-celled organism called archaea. The archaea went through evolution, and adapted to the harsh environment, therefore becoming the

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