Fuerstein's Mediated Learning Experience Case Study

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Feuerstein’s Mediated Learning Experience (a learning theory) In the theory of Feuerstein’s Medicated Learning Experience (1980), intelligence is not fixed from birth or static but is variable and dynamic. Skillsets can be altered and modified through suitable environmental stimulation or a coach mediator. Though it involves mediating commitment’s deeper levels and efforts, Feuerstein’s theory encourages lasting cognitive learning development (Ben-Hur, 1998). Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences (a learning style) Three categories such as instructional and multi-dimensional preferences-based, personality-based and process information-based can be defined as part of Gardener’s Multiple Intelligences (Yeap et al., 2005, pp. 35-42). According to Gardner’s multiple…show more content…
It is also important to the individual to ensure his/her best personal interest by establishing dynamic success structure (Dries et al., 2008). Under profitability theory by Martin (2001), it suggests that one’s and others’ abilities and strengths are capitalised by the individual to compensate for self-weaknesses, and achieve overall organisational profitability and productivity as a whole through teamwork through goals accomplishments. To enhance authentic feelings, it is important to encourage individuals to view career success in broader linear progression in personal and work roles. It enhance the individual’s satisfaction by merging self with work through motivation and well-being (Sullivan and Mainiero, 2008) and support (Van Buren,

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