Fever 1793 Summary

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For this book report the book that was chosen was, Fever 1793. The author of this fiction book is Laurie Halse Anderson.

This book is set during the summer of 1793 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The duration of this book is over a period of a month's, essentially the beginning of summer to the beginning of fall. Matilda Cook is the main character and works in a coffee shop, her mother, Lucille , and her grandfather own. They hear a rumor about Yellow Fever spreading down by the bay. Grandfather says it's just rubbish, but he himself will feel the wrath of Yellow Fever.

Fever 1793, is told in Third person. Matilda is the protagonist in this book. A reason why she is the protagonist is because she is the focus of the plot of the story.
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When the story begins it is in the summer of 1793 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Matilda and her family start hearing rumors of a fever spreading down by the bay. The rising action is the whole middle of the book. This contains the part where mother comes down with the fever, Matilda and Grandfather leave the city, Matilda comes down with the fever, Grandfather dies, and Matilda finds Nell. The climax is when Matilda is walking the streets trying to find someone she knows and winds up finding Eliza who takes both, Matilda and Nell in. When Nell and the twins come down with the fever and they move to the shop is also the climax. The falling action is when one morning, Matilda wakes up outside and sees the first frost. She runs in the house and tells Eliza, this means that summer has finally ended and the fever is over. A couple days later the children’s fevers break and they are running around outside and horse playing around. The resolution is when everyone started coming back from the countryside and the city started feeling alive. Also, when Nathaniel comes out and starts hanging around like he used and saying that Matilda’s mother will be home soon. The last part of the story is when George Washington comes home and following him were the people who waited for him to say it was safe before coming home. Of these people there is Matilda’s mother. The ending of this book is when Matilda and Eliza decided that they want to take over the business, because mother is to
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