Feyre's A Court Of Thorns And Roses

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The book “A Court of Thorns and Roses” is a boring story. I actually wanted to continue reading to see if anything interesting would happen but to no avail. The story is about Feyre, a mortal, who hunts for her poor family. She kills a fairy while hunting for food one day, which in this story fairies are the dominate species, and is forced to live in the kingdom of because of a treaty, leaving her family behind. I thought this was interesting, then i found out this book is actually retelling of the classic Beauty and The Beast, so of course i was intrigued. Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite classic fairytale. Well, i was disappointed, this book felt like a retelling of cinderella if anything. Feyre’s family is very cruel to her. Feyre is forced to hunt in order to keep her family alive and fed. Her two sisters are freeloaders who will eat the meal feyre caught then use the money she earned from selling the animal 's pelt for items such as new shoes while Feyres’s is covered in holes. So when Tamlin takes her from her family he is more of a prince than a beast. He allows Feyre to literally eat anything, sleep anywhere, and even saves her from danger when she…show more content…
Tamlin is more of a tamed dog than a beast. Tamlin wearing a mask for all eternity is hardly a curse compared to the Beast from Beauty and The Beast, where the man is turned into a furry monster with sharp claws in a world full of humans, Tamlin is described to be a tan

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