Ffk's Four Freedoms Speech Analysis

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In a time of darkness and fighting in the world, it is hard to remain peaceful. Being the leader of your country, it is hard to say the right thing. Both presidents, Roosevelt and Kennedy, experienced this in their time. Even though their speeches were relevant to the topic of freedom, the meanings came about differently. Both Roosevelt’s “Four Freedoms” speech and Kennedy’s inaugural address both talk about freedom. However, Roosevelt’s speech uses military power to get freedom, whereas Kennedy’s speech wants peace and negotiation to get freedom. During the time of Roosevelt’s “Four Freedoms” speech, Europe was just beginning World War 2. Adolph Hitler and his Nazi party already had taken over Norway, Belgium, and other European countries. Many Americans did not want to get involved within the war. They thought whatever happens over there does not affect the United States. However, with Hitler planning on attacking and taking over more countries, the U.S. helped the rest of Europe and stopped him.
In Roosevelt’s “Four Freedoms” speech, he expresses freedom as something that needs military use and power to be earned. According to Roosevelt, “We must all prepare to make the sacrifices that the emergency- almost as serious as war itself- demands…” (43). By this, he means we should always be prepared to fight for war, before war comes to us. Another example he gives is, “Such a peace would bring no security for us or for our neighbors…” (Roosevelt 18). He follows this with a
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