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• Fibre reinforced plastics also known as the fibre reinforced polymer is a composite material made of polymer matrix reinforced with fibre.
• Has two important components Fibre and Matrix.
• Classified as composite plastics ,i.e. made out of bonding of materials with two different material property derived to give a certain property of the material
• The fibres usually consists of glass, carbon, aramid and basalt….whereas paper wood or asbestos the material rarely used in the form of fibre.
• The polymer or matrix is generally an epoxy, vinyl ester or polyester thermosetting plastic…even phenol thermal raisins are also used for the fibre matrix.
• They are commonly used in the aerospace, ballistic armour
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Parts can be laid on the flat moulds called the caul plate and the cylindrical moulds called the mandrels. Thus the material is injected into the moulds in the form of fluid or resins. Heat and Pressure thus applied allows us to cast the fibre and the matrix into a proper mixture of required shape.

Bladder moulding
In this the individual sheets of the prepreg materials are placed in female style bladder with balloon like bladder, then the mould is heated and pressurized against the mould walls.

Compression moulding
When the raw material has reinforced fibre in it, a compression moulded part of it acts as the fibre reinforced plastic. Thus the cavity gives a detailed geometry to the fibre on the application of the heat and fibre thus it helps to form complex and creative forms which is highly precise.

Autoclave or vacuum bag
In this the open moulds are used where in the matrix and the fibre is placed and the heat and pressure is applied whereas the air present is evacuated by the means of vacuum. The exact laminate forms ensure the safety and strength in the industry.

In this the prepreg is wrapped around the aluminium or steel mandrel. This process helps to create the hollow and strong carbon

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