Fibromyalgia Essay

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What’s the Best Most Comfortable Bra for Fibromyalgia A line in the Herman’s Hermits song “Mother-In-Law” tells us (she was) “Sent from down below…”. Brilliant definition of a fibromyalgia bra. Or, as many fibro forum members posted, bras are unequivocally evil. Scientific research has declared the bra a “false necessity”. One 15-year study conducted at the University of Besancon in France determined bras 1) do not decrease back pain 2) do cause muscles that support breasts to get weaker, causing saggy breasts (the precise opposite of what we’ve been taught) 3) do more harm than good. Wearing a bra all day can be equated to a Medieval torture device. The best solution to alleviate pain from straps digging in shoulders, hooks denting your skin and even breathing problems is to get your moxie on and get your bra off. You may feel so…show more content…
Bandeau’s provide coverage, non-underwire support and comfort. Some styles come with loops, in the unlikely event you want to add straps. It is a bit annoying to adjust breast placement periodically, since the tube-type bra is non-constrictive. Sports Bra In fibro forums, the sports bra gets rave reviews for comfort. These bras were originally designed for a tight fit to keep bouncy beasts at bay when participating in sports. You may want to try a size larger for a looser fit. Opt for a soft material blended with spandex for better support. Going with a Conventional Fibromyalgia Bra Have you heard of Certified Fit Specialists (CFS)? High-end department stores offer complimentary bra fittings. You’ll benefit from this service, because statistics have it that around 80% of women wear the wrong size bra. Your CFS will find out what you are looking for in a bra and offer various styles and sizes for you to try. Some of the pain you’ve experienced with bras may resolve by wearing the correct shape and size. Selection

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