Of Mice And Men Summary

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Gavin Bucheger
“Of Mice and Men” By John Steinbeck !!Warning Spoilers!!
Genre- Western Fictional Tragedy
Plot summary – George and Lennie are traveling workers going from job to job trying to get enough money to get their own piece of land. The stop to rest one night by a tree next to a lake and Lennie finds a dead mouse in his pocket. George tells him to throw it away but Lennie wants to keep it because he likes to pet soft things. The next day George and Lennie get to the ranch and are late. That night they meet all of the workers and Curley. Curley is the Bosses son. He likes to pick on the workers and acts like he is all big and tough. One of the workers, Candy, brings his old dog in the bunks and everyone says that he should
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Protagonist- George, Lennie, and all of the workers.
Antagonist- Curley’s wife.
Setting- The setting of “Of Mice and Men” is on a ranch in Soledad California 1937, during the great depression.
Climax- Lennie accidentally kills Curley’s wife.
Major Conflict- Lennie and George are trying to work up enough money to buy their own little ranch.
Theme- The theme that I chose is the American dream because George and Lennie are trying to make a living by having their own property and living off their own land.
Mood- The mood is depressing. The mood is depressing because there is a lot of death and sad topics in the book.
Tone- The tone of the book is pretty calm because during the book the narrator doesn’t really use a lot of emotions while narrating the book.
Symbolism- The symbolism of the dead mouse alludes back to the poem by Robert Burns stating that “neither mice or men can escape their destiny.” meaning that innocent creatures like the mouse and Lennie cannot escape their fate.
Foreshadowing- At the beginning of the book George talks about how Lennie got them in trouble in Weed, and at the end of the book Lennie gets them in trouble again and ends up getting
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