Ficus Elastica Roxb Lab Report

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MICROPROPAGATION IN FICUS ELASTICA SHOOTING AND ROOTING General Information about the plant Ficus (Moreaceae) is a genus that includes plants like rubber Tree, Indian Fig, banyan , peepal etc . The plant is a native species of India , Mayyanmar, Bhutan , Nepal etc. They may grow very large sometimes . Mechanically the plant can be removed only when they are small. The plant grows upto a height of 30 to 45 feet , the plant’s spread is around25 to 30 feet leaf growth rate is fast the plant’s texture is coarse, they are arranged in an alternate manner , leaf type is simple , leaf’s margin is entire, leaf venation is pinnate, brachidodrometype . Leaf type evergreen,. The leaf blade length 8 to 12 inches .Colour of the leaf is green. There…show more content…
Air-dried powdered form of leaves and branches were used . It was performed by radical scavenging activity method (DPPH). The leaves of Ficus elastica Roxb showed anti-oxidant activity activity at 15.4% at ED 50 and 36.7% at ED 90. Ficus elastica Roxb branches showed anti-oxidant activity at 26.9% at ED 50 and 52.7% at ED 90 . The leaves of Ficus bengalensis Linn showed anti-oxidant activity at 49.7% at ED 50 and 66.7% at ED 90. Ficus bengalensis Linn branches showed anti-oxidant activity at 47.3% at ED 50 and 79.2% at ED 90. (Chougale Ashok et al 2011) . Essential oils, methanol water extract, water extract were used for Evaluation of radical scavenging activity, it was done using DPPH assay -. Another test ABTS radical scavenging test was done. IC50 values for methanol water extract is 10.2µg/ml, IC50 values for water extract is 13.7µg/ml, IC50 values for essential oils is 23.34 µg/ml.(François Muanda N et al 2010) . Good amount of anti-inflammatory activity was seen in carageenan induced rat paw odema method of ethanoic extract of Ficus religiosa. Inhibition of odema for Ficus religiosa extract was found to be 46.82% (1hr), 21.30% (2hr), 23.31% (3hr), 59.44% (4hr) when compared to Ibuprofen gel was found to be 36.54% (1hr), 64.85% (2hr), 63.83% (3hr), 67.62% (4hr) (Rita Charde et al…show more content…
Coconut inner shell , Eucalyptus , bamboo woods were evaluated . These are wood vinegars produced from biomass . Anti fungal activity was seen in this order coconut inner shell vinegar then bamboo wood vinegar and then eucalyptus wood vinegar . The efficiency of wood vinegars was depended strongly on contents of phenolic compounds and it is confirmed by inhibitory effect on the man fungi growth Penicillium greofulyum , this was performed on PDA. PLANT TISSUE CULTURE METHODS In an earlier review establishment of tissue culture and rapid propagation system in Ficus elastica (Zhao Hai quing etal 2008 )was done in order to meet the market demand (mass production) of the plant . Shoot tips were taken as explants , different hormone combinations along with different medium was used . MS+1.0 mg/L 6-BA+0.01 mg/L NAA medium was used for bud differentiation and callus induction . media which provided clumpy buds was MS+2.0 mg/L 6-BA+0.01 mg/L NAA. The optimim root media was 1/2 MS+0.01 mg/L NAA+0.5 mg/L IBA . CHAPTER 3 :-- MATERIALS AND

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