Fiddler Crab Case Study Answers

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Nadia Mendoza 09/16/16 BIOS 101 Problem Set 1 1. . a. The fiddler crab is a semi marine-terrestrial crab that encompasses many different species of crab (Wikipedia). The main characteristic of this crab is that the males generally have one large claw. They are likely to compete for resources like food and shelter on land or in the ocean with other species of animals also living there. b. The hypothesis she was testing was: The distribution of the crab is determined by osmoregulatory physiology. Her results showed that the U. imadeitupensis do not survive more than 2 weeks in the marine enclosures. c. It looks like the U. imadeitupensis started to compete with the U. imaginariensis after 48 hours in the same marine enclosure. These results…show more content…
The species richness is 7. b. Species n n/N ^2 Plodia interpunctella 4 0.04 0.0016 Abrenthia cuprea 26 0.26 0.0676 Achatia distincta 21 0.21 0.0441 Acronicta acristrigatus 9 0.09 0.0081 Agonopteris dimorphella 20 0.20 0.0400 Epimartyria pardella 12 0.12 0.0144 Heliomata cycladata 8 0.08 0.0064 Total 100(N) 0.1822 Simpson’s index of diversity= 1-Spi^2 = 1-0.1822 = 0.817 c. The Epimartyria pardella is a species of moth that was first found in Oregon and north-western California in the late 1800s (Wikipedia). They thrive during the day and the warmer months of the year. 5. . a. N= (100*100)/36= 277.77 ~ 288 individuals in population b. Yes, the yellow tang is a species of saltwater fish. Even though they are the most common fish in areas like Hawaii and Japan, they live in shallow reefs and are commonly taken to be exotic pets to be put in aquariums which could affect their population
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