Fiddles On Fire Analysis

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Prompt: “Write about a song you like and why?” My whole life revolves around music; everyday I’m going to either choir or orchestra. While I’m driving I’m singing along with the radio. Narrowing down all of the songs in my repertoire is a difficult task. After thinking about this question for a good half an hour I came to a conclusion. Liking a song doesn’t mean it has to be on the radio or on the track list of a pop star’s album; which is why a song I like is “Fiddles on Fire” by Mark Williams. This song is an iconic orchestra piece for Middle school or slightly advanced Elementary school orchestras. Its melody will infect your brain to the point of insanity. Ask any orchestra conductor their thoughts on “Fiddles on Fire”, and their face will immediately scrunch up in agony.…show more content…
Swaying to the rhythm of the piece, while switching between two notes on my violin. It was the piece that my orchestra was obsessed with, we all memorized it just annoying our conductors. It made me bond with my classmates and my conductors, orchestra was no longer a class but a place of protection from the rest of the school. I fell in love with my violin and the melodies I could produce with it. Orchestra changed my life, and playing “Fiddles on Fire” was the beginning of that change. That is why “Fiddles on Fire” is a song that I

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