Fidel Castro May Day Celebration Speech Analysis

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Cuban Revolution
Politician Fidel Castro in his “May Day Celebration” speech (May 2nd, 1961) argues the success of the revolution claiming Cuba free of the exploiters and the spontaneous good of reformed Cuba. Through an enthusiastic and optimistic tone, Castro is able to unite the Cuban nativists and foreigners behind the greater cause of equality, the main purpose being to declare Cuba a new socialist regime which provides prosperous opportunities for the working class. He does this by creating an ecstatic mood appealing to his audience, alluding to Marxism ideas, and speaking through persuading diction to depict the good nature of the revolution.
Castro evokes a euphoric atmosphere that appeals to the audiences, who struggled to overcome the dictatorial government of Batista, after the revolution had been achieved. When Castro says “We have been witnesses, all of us Cubans, of every step taken by the revolution” unites the difficulty shared by the Cuban citizens as when Castro elaborates “Today’s parade shows us how much we have advanced. The workers now do not have to submit themselves to those trials; the workers now do not have to implore deaf executives,” conjures up a joyful excitement of hope for a brighter future. Castro is able to create this delighted feeling through his audience by providing powerful examples of how the Cuban life will change. Further, much of his onlookers are part of the larger working class who have been mistreated as specifying the “new
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