Fidel Castro Ruzz's Animal Farm

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It was 1966, almost six years after young cuban, Leovigildo Bardinas Guevara, was born; and the communist country of Cuba was under Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz’s dictatorship after he used guerilla warfare to overthrow to previous cuban leader. Leo and his family, that consisted of his three brothers, two sisters, and his parents, lived on an immense farm with animals, such as cattle, that helped provide for his family. Felix Atanasio Bardinas Rojas and Georgina de Los Angeles Guevara Toledo, Leo’s parents, were heard talking out on the farm in their hometown, Trinidad, Cuba. Leo overheard his father reporting good news to his mother. “Georgina, I have sold cattle to my friend in exchange for money to help us,” Felix explained. Georgina’s…show more content…
Leo, his two sisters, Mireya and Lazara, his three brothers, Felix jr, Tomas Villanuyva, and Roberto, had a prolonged conversation about their safety in Cuba. “We do not want you children to grow up under Fidel Castro’s dictatorship. The government keeps talking our lives away little by little by stealing from us. The communist people keep coming to our farm and usurping our cattle and parts of the farm. We can’t live like this forever. If the revolution had never began, of course we would stay here in our home country. Unfortunately, that did not happen,” Felix, Leo’s father, said as his mother rested her head on her hands in sorrow. “We have the opportunity to reach freedom. We can travel by plane to the United States. This is our only hope. We need a better life,” whispered Leo’s mother. “When we arrive in Miami, Florida, we will connect with our family that has already taken previous flights there. They have ensured a good life for us. I have already planned out a job where I can provide for everyone. I promise.” Leo did not know what to think. As a young boy, his parents had the rule over any family decision. Later that day, the authorities appeared on their

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