Fidelity And Equivalence In Translation

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At first let’s start with discuss the meaning o translation, what is the meaning of it.. Translation means how to transport the idea of text, meaning of it which correspond in the same way and the same effects so can the readers or the audience understand it in clear way as the original one

there is two key terms in the practice of translation: fidelity and equivalence.
The translation target is how we can explore linguistics aspect of translation fidelity is the value of who we can discuss the translation to be clear to the reader.
Equivalence is to discuss the language itself; it didn’t have a value judgment
Both of them have complicated perception, there is no comparing word by word... we are comparing text especially if it pass through culture. We can’t add a part in the translated text
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Metaphorical language: this is associated with literary language, its play a crucial role in the coherence of a poem or novel. Which transfer the word or the meaning with it aesthetic meaning.
Mona Baker here noted about how the difficulties of equivalence in translation from the society.
Chaparo focuses on sociocultural targets of the translations, he discuss her aspect of linguistics and sounds repetition rhyme. it depend on the society culture there is words with a same meaning he can use it to explain the sentence but it depend on the culture of the reader or audience , and make it fit within the literary tradition . she also discuss the intertextual dimensions of the story ,or poem that are parodies of popular Victorian songs , she also reminds us another dimension of literature , that text have to be creative, in text or poem.
Domestications adapting it to suit the tastes of the target audience, cultural reference and
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