Persuasive Essay On Fidget Spinner

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The new “must-have” toy has arrived and everyone wants to lay hands on the coolest, most appealing-looking fidget spinner ASAP! It wasn’t long ago when the fidget spinner started enjoying its popularity, even though its invention dates way back. Today, you see every kid owning one, even adults are crazy about them. The stores can’t catch a break and it seems that there’s a competition over who has the coolest, the fastest-spinning fidget. However, many will disagree with its ability to calm kids down or help kids with ADHD. To some, the fidget spinner is just another marketing trick to drag kids to toy stores and open the parents’ wallets. Ok, the price may be pretty affordable to many (having the chance to order one for about a dollar), but the question still stands- What is a must-have? Will it fully help my ADHD…show more content…
As a matter of fact, you can do your own little experiment at home, spinning the fidget in the middle of an important conversation or situation, watch you kid shut his world to you as he magically stares at the spinner. Maybe the spinner is really working wonders with one kid, but the bare truth is that for most kids it’s just a distraction. Maybe that’s the reason that so many teachers have decided to completely ban the use of fidget spinners, even for the kids that may truly have the need of a fidget spinner. The bottom-line is that you’re the only one who can decide whether or not your kid will be getting a fidget spinner. If it’s a harmless toy for him and it won’t effect on his school, then have a try. If you notice that the fidget spinner takes up most of his daily activities, then maybe your kid doesn’t need to own a fidget spinner.
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