Fidget Spinners Essay

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META DESCRIPTION: The truth about fidget spinners is that while they may soothe the spirit and ease anxiousness, a gadget cannot replace the benefits of personal counseling.

People have enjoyed the pleasures of little trinkets, things that can be fondled in the palm of our hands, for centuries. Smooth little rocks were touted as a cure-all for anxiety. The newest craze in the toy world is a little spinning triangle-shaped gadget called a fidget spinner. They are fascinating children and adults all over the world, but are they truthfully a cure for challenging mental situations?

Fidget spinners are the newest fad created by the toy industry. The spinning action causes an internal sensation that does have a calming effect on anxiousness.
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While the evidence is inconclusive, they may have some benefit for more serious mental issues. Akin to the century-old worry stone, fidget spinners produce a subtle psychological effect that is calming to the human psyche.

Nevertheless, at what point do they shift from being helpful to becoming an unwelcome distraction? Teachers, and many in the mental health community, think they are more disruptive than they are helpful.

Researchers propose the theory that the fascination people experience is attached to a subconscious calming sensation. The designers of the toy proclaim that this what the spinner does. Kids invent tricks using their fidget spinners, in an effort to amaze their friends, but are they being used as an excuse to just not focus on the immediate.

Viable Treatment for Anxiety?

Anxiety comes in many forms. Stroking a smooth stone through your fingers produces a soothing sensation that calms that anxiousness, but there isn’t an inherent sensation that compromises focus. The truth about fidget spinners is, while they may relieve anxious feelings, they may be doing so by temporarily distracting a child from reality in an unproductive
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