Fidget Spinners Should Be Banned In Schools Essay

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A fidget spinner is described as a three-inch gadget that twirls around a three multi-lobed, ball bearing center designed in metal or plastic. Kids and adults alike all across America have been dealing with fidget spinners since spring last year. “It just took off,” says Richard Gottlieb, a consultant at Global Toy Experts in New York (Pisani). Fidget spinners have been proven multiple times that they need to be forbidden in classrooms. They will always have a lasting effect on so many classrooms in the United States. Fidget spinners need to be banned from schools because they are distracting, more of a toy than a tool, and they are dangerous. Fidget spinners have become a huge distraction in classrooms. Fidget spinners themselves…show more content…
One reason they are dangerous is because they can be a serious choking hazard. One ten-year-old girl was sent to the ER because she swallowed one of the three prongs. This required surgery because it was lodged in her throat. "Looking back in the mirror, I saw her face turning red and drool pouring from her mouth,” says Kelly Rose Joniec (Ramirez). Another reason fidget spinners are dangerous is because they can hurt someone if carelessly played with. Just like the ten-year-old girl, fidget spinners can be dangerous if not carefully played with. If someone tried to throw a fidget spinner to someone else, it could easily injure or hurt someone. The final reason fidget spinners are dangerous are because it is easy to spread germs and get sick. If one person is playing with a fidget spinner and gives it to someone else, that person who just received it got that person’s germs. If someone else gets that person’s fidget spinner who has already been passed to by two people, it just a big wild mess and people are going to get sick. Especially if someone is playing with a fidget spinner and already is sick. Overall, fidget spinners are dangerous and not safe for people to be playing

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