Field Day Visit: The Tragedy Of The Armenian Genocide

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"The Tragedy of the Armenian Genocide"

Karen Okoorian
Comparative Religion Professor Sergeev 11/25/2015

Field Day Visit
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Being married into an Armenian family, I often heard my father-in-law speak of this horrific act of violence involving his people. Learning and researching this has weighed heavy on my heart, very sad. When speaking of the Genocide most people think of the Jewish Holocaust, which was a massacre in itself, however so was the Armenian Genocide, which some do not look as this being
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Deprived of water or food, abused and dehumanized, most dying of starvation, exhaustion and some from disease, and those that did not die or not killed were taken in as wives or slaves of the Ottoman Empire. The children that survived were taken from their parents and renamed and farm raised as Turks. There were not many survivors, the Armenian existence in Turkey was not known any longer.
There is a lot of controversy and argument by many nationalities on the Armenian deaths in the Ottoman Empire in 1915.
The massacre was against the Armenian people of Ottoman Empire during World War I is known by the Armenians and some other countries as the “Armenian Genocide.” They feel that this was masterminded by the government of Young Turks.
From what I have learned this was planned by the Turkish government to set out and destroy the Armenian population of the Ottoman Empire and rid of all Armenians. Before the Armenian Genocide was established, some 30 years later, it originally was condemned by the community as a crime against humanity, not a genocide, even though the Armenian people were effectively eliminated from the homeland they had occupied for nearly three thousand

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