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For this field experience assignment I decided to use a students from Mrs. Carrillo’s 2nd grade class who wishes to go by the name of “Elsa” for this activity. Elsa is a student who is still currently learning English, and whose primary language spoken and written at home is Spanish. Mrs. Carrillo expressed that she is falling a little behind in most subjects because of the language barrier but she is definitely progressing and improving as the school year moves forward. As far as the SOLMO chart, I would like to talk about all the categories and where I would place Elsa on this graphic organizer and why. For comprehension, I would say that Elsa is at a level 3. At some points in the conversation, she would respond late, and sit there thinking before she responded. An example of when she did this was when I asked her to write about her best friend. She took a very long time to get started and for a minute, I sort of thought she was confused at the task. I wrote down the directions in very simple terms and she began shortly after that, and a few prompts. As far as fluency, Elsa would rank at a level 4. She often stumbles at words; while she tries to find which word she is looking for. She…show more content…
Some words she did not get at first but with a little bit of scaffolding she was able to remember it and when it came up on the next few pages she was able to read it. I noticed that if the word was a little long, it intimidated her a lot. She would sometimes sound out the very beginning and then give up half way through. She would rarely sip the word altogether but when she did I would have her reread that sentence and we would work through it together. With that said, She sometimes did not realize until the end of the sentence that she was skipping words. She would self correct and this made me very excited because this meant to me that she was reading for comprehension, not just reading to

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