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Once you learn how to do something, you become so used to it that you forget the challenges you had to overcome in order to master it. I became aware of this as a counselor at Camp Casey one day in kites class. I was seated next to a fifth grader named Brandon, as we worked on decorating and constructing our kites. When it came time to tie the string to both sides, he was obviously struggling, so I offered to help him. I explained to him how to do it as I showed him an example of what to do with my kite. It took Brandon a couple tries to get the hang of it, but then completed it all by himself. The fact that I enjoyed this experience was rewarding enough but it was an extra bonus that I helped this little boy go through this whole process and overcome the challenge. Teaching him how to do it was way more satisfying than just doing it for him. Through hard work and perseverance he was successful. Making mistakes and having failure is all part of growth. My passion for…show more content…
All my time spent throughout those three days at camp consisted mostly of taking care of my squad and being around several other elementary school teachers. This reminded me of how much I love to be around kids and helped me to picture myself as a teacher- specifically an elementary school teacher. I now am more motivated than ever to achieve my new found dream of becoming an elementary educator. I have always considered becoming a teacher in the future. The only thing that had been holding me back is my passion for sports and wanting a career involving fitness. My time at Camp Casey allowed me to see that I could have both. Educating youth is more than just math, reading and writing. It encompasses the whole child. Spending the majority of our time outside proved that learning takes place everywhere and fitness and movement can be an integral part of learning. Now I know this is the best option and will make me the

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