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Field Experience: Interview Rationale: I chose to interview my grandfather about his experience being the primary care-taker for my grandmother since she had a stroke roughly two years and eight months ago. The reason why I chose to do this is because while I’ve talked to my grandmother about her experience many times, I have never spoken to my grandfather about what it is like to be in the position in which he is. I have had experience with stroke survivors before after I had volunteered with the speech therapy department at a rehabilitation facility in Harrisburg, PA, but I was interested to see what it is like for the people who take care of these individuals. I imagined it is hard for my grandfather; however I learned a lot about his duties…show more content…
He also said that she is unpredictable; he does not know whether to trust her to get ready for bed, put on her pajamas, brush her teeth etc because sometimes she will do these things and sometimes she will not. He also let me know that he misses being able to have conversations and a deeper relationship with my grandmother. While she forgets and confuses dates and events, she can also become incoherent in a conversation and switches subjects rapidly. He indicated that he is concerned with her state as of late since she has not been having good days and bouncing back like she usually does. This interview made me realize how all the responsibility of caring for an individual twenty-four hours and day and seven days a week can take its toll. While my grandfather has always been positive and kind, I could tell by some of his answers and his inflection how exhausted he is. By conducting this interview, I’ve come to the conclusion that when I get my driver’s license this summer, I am going to visit with my grandmother every week and take her out for a few hours to let my grandfather rest and do some things by himself. While I know that I can’t do much to help my grandmother cognitively to make it easier for her and my grandfather, I will ask my grandfather if I can pick up some things or run some
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