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Field Experience Journal
Mary Ellen Masters
Georgia Highlands College FIELD EXPERIENCE JOURNAL
Field Experience Journal
In order to gain vital experience in the teaching field, I volunteered to work at West Rome Baptist Church’s Vacation Bible School. Although this setting was not in a school, the characteristics and guidelines were the same. Beginning at nine o’clock in the morning on June twenty-sixth, I, along with many adults and about a hundred children of all ages, gathered in the sanctuary of West Rome Baptist Church. The kids were assigned groups based on gender and grade level.
I was helping with the fourth-grade girls. Since I am active classroom mentor, I had an idea as to what to expect out of my group. They were all unique, laughed at everything, and craved candy at any moment. After leaving the sanctuary, we headed to our designated room. The adult whom I was assisting, Pam Tappan, is a fifth-grade teacher at Alto Park Elementary. As we got settled into our room, I noticed the
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I noticed some behavior problems, some inattentiveness, but the girls still had good commandry. Pam and I had to redirect the girls many times. I also noticed each girls’ strengths and weaknesses. Some girls talked more than others. Some girls were more to themselves. Yet, one thing was evident-each girl was sweet and special in her own way.
The last day of Vacation Bible School was bittersweet. I noticed how the girls built strong relationships with one another, as well as with me and Pam. Although distracted at times, the girls still remembered each lesson when we reviewed on the final day. We were all sad, in a way, for this time together to end, but everyone had a wonderful time. My observations were very beneficial to me in my journey towards a career. I gained vital knowledge, positive advice, and relationships to last a
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