Field Hocky Evaluation Essay

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Field Hocky Evaluation.

Why is peer assessment used?
Peer assessment is used to help develop your skill by getting positive and negative feed back and you can use what you have been told to change make better what people have already. For example if someone said to a person “ You need to learn how to flip the stick around to keep control of the ball” you could take that and maybe get someone to film you and you could see how you control the ball and change it to make yourself better at the game.

What did your peers say about you?
Josh senior: I have good dribbling skills for my height as i can bend down fast and control the ball to get around opponents and to carry the ball to the goals. He also said that i have a good scoring technique.
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Mr Schiller plays field hocky at a high level and he has a lot of great knowledge to share with the class and myself. Some of the things that he made us do to get better were drills for example dribbling drills where we had to dribble around cones to make our dribbling skills a lot better for when we did actual games. He had a lot of good knowledge to share with us and if we had any question he would be happy to answer us.

Actual game situations were fun and I learnt a lot about how the game runs and how the game flows. There are not many rules and most of the rules that are there are easy to follow like don’t use the back of the stick or don’t chop the other players stick. The game is very fast paced an evolved a lot of running and quick passing so you had to be able to control the ball when receiving a pass from your team mate.

Some of the practicals that we did in the five weeks of the subject were a passing drill where we had to get a partner and pass the ball using a push pass when I first started I was really bad at passing it as I only made about half of the distance, each week I got a little bit better at doing it I worked out that I was doing it wrong, I had to bend down low to the ground and contact the ball and push
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