Leadership Performance Vs. Follower's Satisfaction

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Leader’s Performance vs. Follower’s Satisfaction 15. Throughout the career Alexander was well respected by his superiors, his peers and his subordinates. His popularity is also depicted throughout this analytical paper and it is established through the comment of Supreme Allied Commander Eisenhower and senior British General Montgomery. Due to outstanding performance in World War-I and World War-II, Alexander received a number of awards and recognitions from home and abroad. His leadership is still a widely researched area for all levels of military officers all over the world. Some of the mentionable international recognitions of Field Marshal Harold Alexander are as follows:

a. Knight of the Légion d'honneur (France).
b. Member Second
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Determination, Decisiveness, Resilience can achieve victory as well as long term strategic goals.

d. Transparency in actions and keeping promise can help the leader to solve critical problems easily.

e. Understanding technological advantages and managing potential weaknesses is a key requirement for military leadership.

f. Operational Commanders need to find time to listen to subordinates, to understand and hear the views of others even where this may not appear significant in the mind of the commander.

g. Operating outside the doctrine involves personal risk for leaders but has to be considered if it delivers the strategic outcomes.

h. Professionalism, desire to succeed, willingness to seek and accept responsibility, willingness to take personal risk, etc are pre-requisites to be a successful leader.

j. Human Quality is equally important besides military knowledge in the Multi-National Force Structure.
k. Inculcating Ethos and core values can make a ranking officer a great military leader.

18. Recommendations. In view of the above, followings are recommended for the future military leaders:

a. Military leaders may define their mission and promulgate a vision of success in advance in case of all actions or

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