Field Of Dreams

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storyline provided to the viewing audience of the 1989 movie "Field Of Dreams" by Phil Alden Robinson, is quite evident. In superficial terms, it happens to be about a farmer, a man called Ray Kinsella, (who is played by Kevin Costner) who builds a baseball field, and eventually reconnects with the ghost of his father. However, what is the deeper meaning and context of the movie? Ray eventually learns why the voice sends him a message from the cornfields of Iowa, who the originator of the messengers are, and the main goal and purpose for both Ray and the entities. As this film transpires through, it also exemplifies why it is so vital that Ray follows through with these elaborate instructions with steps, which is provided to him by the ghost…show more content…
There are many numerous aspects and perspectives of this film can be described regarding race and the overall meaning of the film. One of article, "The Home Team", which is written by a scholar called Kerry Weber, discusses that while watching and discussing the film with others, they came to the realization that within the movie the "Field of Dreams . . .you don 't have to [enjoy or understand the rules of] . . . baseball to find beauty in the film. You have to want to be reminded of the power of faith in things unseen and the need to find courage to follow a path not yet trod" (Weber). However, the writer is completely ignorant to the extent of which psychoanalytic theories and perspective play a factor, for it is a largely segment of this particular film. Within another article, "Chapter 7; Oppositional Gaze; Black Female Spectators; . . .In Black Looks: Race And Representation" which is written by Bell Hooks, the author general discusses how there happens to be a multitude of "Hollywood Cinema . . . movies" (Hooks 125),where "White supremacy" (Hooks 117), is prevalently displayed, as opposed to "black representation" (Hooks 117). It displays this through "masculinity . . .[within] dominant ways" (Hooks 128). Hooks also eventually argues that "through identification" (Hooks 121), a character "identifies the power of the spectator" (Hooks 117) . The film "Field Of Dreams" seems to correspond with this particular idea, because most of the characters within the movie appear to be Caucasian. For example, Ray Kinsella, his wife Annie Kinsella, (who is played by Amy Madigan) and their daughter Karin Kinsella, (who is played by Gaby Hoffmann), the male character who is involved with the finances of the farmland, Mark, (who is played by Timothy Busfield) are all Caucasian background (IMBD). Furthermore, there are more Caucasian characters and members of the community, in addition to Moonlight Gram, who also becomes doctor Archibald (who is played by Burt
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