Field Of Dreams Film Analysis

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Field of Dreams is just that, a field that fulfills the dreams of the owner. Field of Dreams, directed by Phil Alden Robinson, is about a farmer from Iowa, Ray, who is out in his field of corn one night and hears a whispering voice call out to him. No one in his family is able to hear the voice, but him. At first he believes he is going crazy until he hears it repeatedly and signs were given to him on the task that needed to be completed. Ray, with the support of his family, decided to do exactly what the voice says, bringing him on an adventure. Throughout the movie he meets several guests, who happen to be legendary baseball players who are deceased. Ray believes he is doing everything for them, until a special guest comes to visit.…show more content…
The film uses the same music for each of the scenes that contain significance. According to Winters, non diegetic music is placed in film in spots where it feels natural and is suppose to belong to help narration. Winters also states, “music functions as a connective tissue among all levels of narration”. Field of Dreams did this by placing the same notes in the correct places to help with narration. The music is a messages sent from the director directly to the audience,(Dykhoff). The message that this film is sending is affirmation to the audience that Ray is not crazy and everything is being done for a reason. The first time the music is used is when Ray is talking to his wife about his father. The audience know that scene is important when the same music is played again when Ray and his wife are talking about his father once again. The same sound then plays as Ray goes to look out the window and sees a man on the field, who happens to be shoeless Joe Jackson. As Ray talks and plays catch with Joe, the music plays as affirmations to Ray and the audience knowing he didn 't build the field for nothing. On his adventure to the baseball game with Terrance, the music plays as he reads the message on the score board, once again as affirmation that he was in the correct place. While Ray is on a walk in Graham’s hometown the music starts to play as Ray realizes that he goes back in time to see Graham. This time the music doesn’t just stand for affirmation. On the ride back to Iowa the music starts to play as Ray approaches a hitch hiker, Graham, it confirms Ray was suppose to take him back to his farm and help him fulfill is dream. Once back to the farm, Ray is having another conversation with his wife about his regrets with his father, as the conversation goes on the music starts up, foreshadowing whats to come for Rays
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