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Definition of the Field of Practice
One may ask what defines the field of practice pertaining to children and youth in addition to what this field consists of. A definition of this field is being able to supply services for, or in the best interests of, individuals that are under the age of 18 as well as the members residing with them in their households (National Association of Social Workers, n.d.). These services include the reconstruction of psychological and social functioning of an individual, providing support, and considering the fact that there are issues that affect this population (National Association of Social Workers, n.d.). Social workers in this field build upon the strengths within the child 's family and community in order
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Furthermore, a social worker in this field can be located in either public and private child welfare agencies, residential facilities, family service agencies, schools, mental health centers, chemical dependency and addiction treatment programs, agencies that provide for people with disabilities, and healthcare settings (Berg-Weger, 2013). Some other settings include funded, nonprofit, or for-profit. Approximately 50% of social workers in this field are in a private nonprofit setting, 41% work in the public sector, and 11% are in the private for-profit setting (Berg-Weger, 2013). Amongst the range of various settings, there is also a range of areas a children and youth social worker can specialize in. The basic areas involve administration, supervision, education, advocacy, direct practice, research, program development, program evaluation, and policy (National Association of Social Workers, n.d.).
In order to work in this particular field, a social worker has to obtain a bachelor 's degree in social work, also known as a BSW, from an accredited university, a year of approximately 1,500 hours of work experience that allowed one to engage with children and youth post-BSW, and a minimum of three years of supervision with approximately 4,500 hours post-BSW. (National Association of Social Workers, n.d.). Furthermore, social workers can obtain their licensing and
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A credential signifies that one possesses the knowledge and experience that is needed at the national level (National Association of Social Workers, n.d.). There are two types of credentials a children and youth social worker can maintain. A social worker with a BSW can obtain a Certified Children, Youth, and Family Social Worker (C-CYFSW) credential while a social worker with a master 's in social work, or a MSW, can obtain a Certified Advanced Children, Youth, and Family Social Worker (C-ACYFSW) credential. A C-CYFSW credential allows a social worker to work in various settings in order to make the social and psychological functioning of children and youth better (NASW Credentialing Center, n.d.), A C-ACYFSW credential allows the social worker to do the same as a social worker that possesses a C-CYFSW credential, yet it also allows them to be capable of forming a professional identity, as well as committing themselves to restore families (NASW Credentialing Center,
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