Field Placement Analysis

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Learning Concept #1: Field Placement and School Expectations The author states that “while we are forming our expectations of the agency, our supervisor and your clients are doing the same of us. Just as our expecations need to be reasonable and realistic, their expectations need to be the same” (Ward & Mama, 2006 P 59). The author also talks about how our supervisors may expect us to follow the rules and policies of our anency. This would be considered a reasonable expectation. If our supervisor was to suddenly change our hours or try and make us work more hours than what is expected this would be considered an unreasonable expectation. (p59) “Shareing expectations openly and honestly at this junction in your field placement is an excelled…show more content…
They apply to me and my placement because my supervisor knows that there are limitations with my placement at Korah. For one my supervisor is not a social worker and has not had a lot of the training that I have had. Secondly I’m a social worker working in a resource class so there not always the opertunititys for me to use everything that I have learned such as running groups. These kids are busy they have a full day and there class time is planned out weeks in advance so I cant just waltz in an say these next few weeks I want to run a group. The examples that the author gave are very basic but Im able to expand on them. Another example of this that I see would be with the work to rule going on. On 20/10/15 I sat through a meeting for a student who has an Ea at lunch time and because of the work to rule we had reasonable expectations of what the EA could do during the meeting. With the concepts of sterotypes and Generalizations, I see this everyday in the halls of Korah. Students look at someone of the kids in the resource class and just make assumptions about there intelligence or their disability. They think that all of these students are the same and just think that they should all be lumped together in one “special class” for the entire day. Microagressions are a realtivly new term to me. The types of agressions are not though. I can honesty say that I perpetuate some of these agressions with out really noticing that I am. Im not as blatent about my statements and ive come along way since taking social work but like sometimes I don’t even notice what I said could be considered a microagression. Lastly we have the intern concept and it’s a very understandable concept. What I relate it to is when I visit my doctor. My doctor is the head of the clincical learning center at the group health so I always have a new student doing my basic work ups like asking questions and taking my
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