Field Placement In Social Care

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Aseracare Hospice located in mobile; Alabama is where I did my field placement for social worker. In this paper I will discuss the importance of Aseracare and how it can relate to different theories in the social worker world. Aseracare provides in homecare and care in different facilities where I was placed in two different nursing home in mobile, Alabama where I will discuss the different environment that I encounter during my field placement.

Aseracare “Provide patients and families the best possible quality of care and quality of life. Their objective is to help reduce the stress and pressure on patients and their families, allowing them to make the most of their remaining time together (The Right Care at the Right time, n.)”.
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They did not identify with the community around them; There were no schools nearby or parks where the patients could go visit. They had no transportation for the residents living there, in order for the residents to get back and forth to doctors apartments they had to rely on the EMS. The resident not having transportation to move around reflects conflict theory, which states, “ that group in society are engaged in a continuous power struggle for control of scarce resources”(Kirst-Ashamn,2011). Them not having a van to transport patients when needed caused many conflict within that environment. It also means that patients were not able to have events, go out to eat, or the casino; they were limited to staying in the nursing home all day instead of interacting with their environment. This can cause the nursing home to delay individual to come and live there, which will stop the flow of their money and…show more content…
Anthony streets in the vacated original providence Infirmary (Welcome to Allen Memorial,n.d). Allen Memorial served as a maternity hospital for the general public and later became a home for unwed mothers, orphaned, and abandoned children. In the early 1970’s Allen Memorial began opening it doors to the needs of the elderly’s while the program that helped unwed mothers had declined due to the opening of a new providence hospital in mobile, Alabama. They have an estimate of 180 patients, these patients range from the age of 50-90 years old with a different ethic background. The patients that lived in this environment have Alzheimer, mental illness, or were not able to take care of themselves on a daily basis. Allen Memorial saw the need to help the elderly in the community shows the functionalist approach. This approach shows “ a community’s purpose or function and how that community can continue working to attain that purpose.”(Kirst-Ashman, 2011). They wanted to help the community instead of closing down the maternity hospital for good they decided to help the elders in the community to help build the community up. Allen Memorial being in the community shows the community they are willing to help people in need, elders needed a home an Allen memorial was used to support that
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