Reflection: My Social Work Field Experience

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In the program, we have initiated to what I consider the “second phase” of 2nd year field placement. The process came by really quick, in which to a moment I felt unprepared. It is amazing to think how quick time is flying. It is simultaneously exciting but nerve-racking. This semester has been a really tough one. However, I have learned a lot about myself. It is important for me to recollect what I have learned and be confident going into the interviews. My goal is to recollect my strengths, my weaknesses and areas of improvements as it will allow me to prepare myself for the placement interviews and give me the confidence to stand out and demonstrate my professional experience. For the placement, the students have to initiate contact with the field instructors to set up appointments for interviews. My initial reaction was…show more content…
I believe that the way you present yourself is how other will see you and what you have to offer. Readiness and time-management is a work in progress but it is also a skill that most, if not all, agencies took for especially because social work is a demanding career path. In taking these extra steps, I’m mentally organizing myself and also creating skills that work for me. In field placement, we are expected to apply our social work skills gained and articulate in how our skills that can be valuable at their agency. When I am nervous, I tend to forget everything including skill sets that I have to offer. But as I am able to take on the task, I can meet the expectations and properly prepare myself to present what I have to offer. My goal for next week is to begin the contact process and scheduling. Furthermore, the agencies would also like to know what knowledge we have obtain in regard to theories and it is important for me to make myself aware of what I have learned on campus and implement the theories to potential
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