Field Reflection: My Experience In The Classroom

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Field Reflection
This semester, I was at Waldron Mercy Academy for my field placement. I was able to observe eight different teachers through my 9 weeks of attending field, which I found to be very beneficial to see how other teachers work and manage their classes within the same school. Between those eight teachers, I observed sixth, seventh, and eighth grades language arts, sixth grade social studies, seventh and eighth grade science, and eighth grade Latin/study skills/high school prep class. This upcoming week, for my last week of field, I will be observing a seventh-grade history class.
I observed many ways to go about classroom management. Each teacher approached it differently, depending on the grade they were teaching and who their students were. Every teacher greeted their students at the door at the beginning of every class, saying hello and asking questions to them about different activities and events they had going on the night before. Usually as the students were
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Overall, each student is extremely well behaved and will go out of their way to help anyone. This is because of the school’s focus on service and mercy. Each class puts an emphasis on helping each other and serving the community. This comes through in the classroom as well. It amazes me how willing everyone is to stop and help someone they barely know or to have a conversation with anyone. This makes each grade of about 40-60 students very close and fosters an environment that makes learning much more comfortable. During their high school prep class, students were asked if they felt comfortable raising their hand and asking questions in class. Every single student said that they were, which is something that is amazing and rare. The teachers at Waldron encourage this positive learning environment that is so crucial to student

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